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Yellow Nails

Yellow Nails


Yellow Nails

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, the hearts of daisies, and little baby chicks. As nice colour as yellow can be though, there are some things that we definitely don't want to be yellow. One example is yellow nails. Toe nails really do best when they are healthy, having a pinkish colour. But certain things can turn your toenails into yellow nails.

Nail fungus infections are probably the most common cause of yellow nails discolouration, although one can also have yellow nails because of diabetes, psoriasis (it compromises the nail beds leading to yellow nails or yellowish-pink nails), chronic leg swelling caused by problems with the lymphatic system (lymphedema) and even staining from nail polish.

Your yellow nails may involve other symptoms as well, depending on what's causing it. Nail fungus infections often also modify the yellow nails, which become thickened and brittle, and you may notice debris accumulating beneath the nail. Yellow nails that are housing nail fungus also tend to send forth an unpleasant smell.

When you go in to consult your podiatrist about your yellow nails, he or she will need to to know the symptoms your are feeling. Your podiatrist checks the appearance and texture of your yellow nails, as well as other qualities, such as pain, brittleness, and possible deformities or ridges.

Diagnostic tests may be used on your yellow nails, such as nail scraping (to test for fungal infection) or other tests to determine the cause of your yellow toenails.

As always, the right treatment for yellow nails depends on the cause of the symptoms. Lasers are now used to treat nail fungus infections. Lasers vaporize the nail fungus with heat and light. The laser has no detrimental effect on healthy skin or nail and requires no anaesthetic. It is not surgical and there is no recovery period or effect on activity after treatment. In many cases it takes only 30 minutes to an hour to turn your yellow nails into healthy nails again.

Psoriasis, diabetes and lymphedema aren't curable conditions. Those diseases must be treated first by specialized physicians and then may be treated with the help of a podiatrist.

With proper treatment of your yellow nails, you should find an improvement in your health and your outlook in life. And yellow should once again seem like the most cheerful of all colours.