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What to Expect

What to Expect?

Treatment starts with a consultation. This will establish the diagnosis of nail fungus. The symptoms, signs and progression are discussed, together with all the treatment options, expectations of the treatment and likely results. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

The nails are thinned and cleaned with a water based or vacuum file to remove any thickening and fungal debris. Photographs are taken for comparative purposes and monitoring of your results. The complete laser consultation and treatment typically lasts 1 hour to treat both feet. This is ample time to allow us to discuss the treatment, prepare the nails and use the Laser on the nails. The 1.5 mm diameter beam is applied over the nails several times. Since the method of treatment relies on vaporizing the fungus with heat, the nails will get warm and sometimes hot during treatment. If it does feel too hot during treatment we would stop and move to the neighboring nails, returning back at the end.

Fungus Nail Treatment Tools - Klayman Foot Laser Clinics Laser Nail Treatment - Klayman Foot Laser Clinics

Genesisplus Foot Laser - Klayman Foot Laser Clinics

Antifungal cream or spray is applied to the foot. Preventive advice is given and you receive materials to take away. Since nail fungus infections are caused by contact with fungi, if care is not taken to improve levels of hygiene and reduce fungi living on the skin naturally it can recur.