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Podiatrist Toronto



Why do we need a podiatrist?


Our feet are probably the part of our body that we don't pay attention too until they hurt. Our feet provide support to our entire body for most of the day, our feet get a wide range of strain from our weight. Due to the fact our socks and shoes cover our feet each day, we may reason out they may be sheltered. This does not mean our feet are safe and guarded.  Usually we ignore the pinpricks that we feel at times when we walk. Be careful. If you feel frequent pain in your feet while walking or standing, you might want to begin looking for just a Toronto podiatrist.


The importance of a professional podiatrist


A podiatrist is known as a health practitioner focused on foot care. You may not appreciate the importance of a podiatrist. Most people don't realize that problems in your body can be detected in your feet. When we are suffering with foot problems, one important option would be having a podiatrist look at your foot to properly evaluate and diagnose the problem. Our feet is definitely the part that signals we may be struggling with an systemic illness or a localized foot problem. As an example, if you are suffering from gout, your feet may have pain and swelling in the big toe joint that is caused by uric acid crystals depositing in your foot. A podiatrist will evaluate your symptoms and signs, diagnose the ailment, and come up with a treatment plan.


When to look for a podiatrist?


From Children to Seniors often require our expertise. Many patients who come often to a podiatrist are those who have diabetes. Being a complication of the ailment, the feet hold essentially the most serious signs and symptoms. The process of healing of the body decelerates greatly with diabetes. A podiatrist would advise us to stay away from acquiring cuts, bruises, or sores particularly on our feet and legs. The podiatrist also says that if these cuts and sores do not receive medication at once, it can result in infection or worse case scenario amputation. Consult a podiatrist in Toronto if you notice anything abnormal.


A podiatrist recommends us to follow these simple ideas:


  • Your foot is your best doctor, if your feet hurt, stop and consult a podiatrist.

  • Good Hygiene is essential,  clean your feet daily and apply foot cream to avoid infections or cracked heels.
  • Wear properly fitted shoes
  • Don't forget to do some stretching out or even a few foot-related work outs at the beginning of the day.

  • Remember to check your feet for any discolourations, lumps spots, and cuts that won't heal.


Your podiatrist  advises you on preventive treatment options . Look at the podiatrist for advice or consult us whenever you deem it necessary. Do not wait till the discomfort is intolerable; always get ahead if you need to keep making use of your feet. Ask Andrew S Klayman , your Toronto podiatrist.


Andrew S. Klayman B.Sc, D.P.M. is a podiatrist with almost 20 years of experience in Toronto.  Andrew S.Klayman practice focuses on Fungus Nail Treatment , Ingrown Nails Correction, and Custom Made Orthotics.