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Fungus Nail Clinic Video

     Breakthrough Technology for Fungal Nails


In the past Onychomycosis or better known as fungal nails was a very difficult condition to treat.  Patients would notice at first small changes to their nails typically white yellow striations at the tip of the nail but when left untreated the nail starts to turn a yellow colour with the fungus invading the whole nail plate causing its texture to change into a very thick and brittle nail plate. Once the fungus invades into the cuticle portion of the nail, it is very difficult to treat with topical medications.  

The treatment in the past was limited due to low success (12%) with topical prescribed medication and health risks associated by taking oral medications.

Andrew S Klayman is a Podiatrist in Toronto who founded the KlaymanFootLaserClinics a downtown Toronto Podiatrist Clinic focused in fungus nails using Health Canada approved genesisplus laser procedure. " This is an exciting breakthrough technology to eradicate fungus nails.  We would call this condition Ugly Toe Nail Syndrome because men and women alike would be ashamed to show their feet, unable to wear open sandals in spring and summer due to the embarrassing nail condition." 

Fungus Nails was a very frustrating condition to treat due to the limited treatment option available for this condition. A leading Laser company in the United States invented an exciting breakthrough in Yag laser technology that kills the fungus without harming the nail plate.   This advanced technology using 1064 Nd:Yag laser was developed specifically to treat this fungal nail condition. 

In creating this fungal nail clinic in Toronto we have come up with a well focused medical protocol best suited for this condition.

If you think you have a fungus nail infection or battling this condition for many years this treatment option may be the answer for you. Laser treatment for fungus nails is a safe and effective treatment. There is no anaesthetic required and no discomfort after.  Clinical studies show a 70 -80 percent improvement in the health and appearance of the nail plate. At the klayman foot laser clinics the nail is photographed to monitor the improved progression of the nail plate .  We typically recommend 2-3 treatment at 6-8 week intervals for best success and provide information on the laser including post care treatment.

Andrew S Klayman, is a Podiatrist practicing in Toronto and founder of the Klaymanfootlaserclinics has seen great improvement in his patients who have been treated using the genesisplus laser. " Say Goodbye to Fungus Nails Today"                                             



Fungus Nail Treatment - Klayman Foot Laser Clinics