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Benefits of Laser

Benefits of Laser?

The medical industry has benefited significantly from the use of lasers. Specifically within dermatology, advances in laser technology have allowed the development of lasers that can target fungal cells.
The concentrated beam is applied to the entire nail and surrounding area and it reacts directly with the fungus. By destroying the fungal cells, the nail and nail bed can heal and allow the nail to reattach and clear as it grows.
The laser has no detrimental effect on healthy skin or nail and requires no anaesthetic. It is not surgical and there is no recovery period or effect on activity after treatment.
Consultation and treatment time is typically one hour when treating both feet. Many people find three treatments sufficient, but a subsequent treatments can be beneficial in some cases.

Laser Nail Treatment - Klayman Foot Laser Clinics

There are minimal risks or side effects seen with the treatment. Some patients find that nails can become warm during treatment or momentarily hot. This passes as soon as the beam is moved away from the area and it cools instantly.